momento monumentalist

author   raticide

location   overseas

age   26

gender   M

description   good   bad

face, phisique, car, clothes, house ...
  minimalistic, some tools or objects that carry no reliable identity   all thousand of objects collected through signs and circumstances of life, dumb story tellers

society interaction
sex, love, marriage, parents, friends ...
  achieving truely and with dignity all levels of social computing   a deep belief in karmic experiences, and a strong experience of the society of the spectacle

job, hobby, sport, illegal ...
  determination of action, of ethics, of personnality, of the shape of the body, of the shape of the social image and penetration, of the heritage, of genetics   finding out what objects show us in a psychedelic subject object relationship

motivation, temperament ...
  monumental and anecdotic   religious architecture and clip duplication

what will this personality stereotype achieve ...
  a new kind of mental kung fu, a bible for space travellers , a way to use spice?   use of thousand of machines that his body builded in order to show to his mind how this one works