The quirky-cool-intelligent-alternative-arty type

author   Maharishi Morgan

location   A cosmopolitan city...Melbourne, Milan, Barcelona, New York

age   17-20

gender   Male

description   good   bad

face, phisique, car, clothes, house ...
  -Testosterone shaped face. Not conventionally handsome but very good looking. Strong forehead and jaw suggest sexual androgeny.
-Above average height with a naturally large build.
-Dark hair, naturally straight, at a length just above the shoulders
-Decent sized package which he is quietly proud of
-Caucasian, but tans well due to distant ethnic/oriental background
-Intelligent, with an I.Q. OF 143
-Quirky car. Maybe a Citreon or MG, selfpainted different colours, glovebox full of CD's and books, covered in scratches, smells like the beach
-Rents a small apartment in a bohemian neighbourhood. Interior wildly decorated, eclectic, with potted palm trees and bookshelves lining every wall. A piano if there is room.
-Not one to follow fasion trends: wears oriental clothes, lightweight cotton pants and t-shirts, 'free trade' jeans and no shoes
  -For one who believes materialism is a fallacy, he becomes extremely over-occupied about his looks and clothes
-Dark, naturally oily, race mixed skin, therefore succecptible to heavy acne in his teens
-His rare, quirky cars equal high insurance premiums
-When choosing accomodation, will compromise even the most basic human comforts for a good view.
-Testosterone shaped face brings with it protruding jaw and cheekbones when smiling

society interaction
sex, love, marriage, parents, friends ...
  -Lost virginity at 15
-'Picked up' with relative ease in high school
-Falls in love with every girl that smiles at him
-Knows all the 'picking up' and sex tips after studing the topic for hours on end
-An amazing, brave, loving, nurturing mother
-A city-full of close aquaitances and a handful of best mates
-Will eventually find his true soul mate and get married at age 95
  -Tried his hardest to lose virginity at 14, didn't get there.
-Has extreme difficulty keeping long-term relationships
-Always forgets his 'picking up' and sex tips at the most crucial moments
-An overbearing, cowardly, violent, negative father
-Often loses friends and girlfriends due to disputes and disagreements with their parents

job, hobby, sport, illegal ...
  -His occupation and vocation has always been to be something creative
-Lives and works for his novel writing and music
-Believes university is for the people who need someone to teach them
-Gets money to live from crazy "Kramer-like" schemes (i.e. buying an old car and charging people to smash it up with baseball bats)
-Has an undying passion for politics
-Has an incredible knowledge of modern music history
-Has a disturbing interest in death and dying
-Has read over 1000 books
-Has a love for existentialist philosophy
-Involved in many protest marches for personal, immigration and homosexual rights
-Is obcessed about anything to do with rock band The Doors
-Doesn't like sport, but respects it for its effect on others
-Sees no harm in using illegal drugs, but only mind-expanding substances. (i.e. peyote, LSD)
-Despises drugs that are used as an escape and salvation (i.e. ice, heroin)
-Has studied jazz piano for over eight years
-Believes a country could function under a semi-anarchist government.
-Read The Da Vinci Code when no one had heard of it
-Reads actual Da Vinci when everyone else is reading The Da Vinci Code
-Carries around notebooks filled with poems, songs, stories, ideas, theories, drawings etc.
  -Work-driven family negative over his career path
-Frequently arrested due to protest infringements
-Is almost too obcessed with The Doors
-Puts so much mental effort into his music and writing he is almost driven to insanity
-So obcessed with detail, often forgets important things such as dinner and sleeping
-Easily loses complete track of time when busy
-Drinks too much wine
-Eats too much Indian food
-Can still never get the hang of jazz piano

motivation, temperament ...
-Personality best described as mental.
-Injected with a passion to live.
-Lives life in a permanent state of counter-culture, Dionysian expression
-Is neither happy, nor sad, just crazy.
-Finds solace in the energy of creation
-Always questions life and how he lives it
-Describes his mind as an orgasm of thought
-Finds philosophical meanings behind anything from pencils to personality stereotypes.
-Never considers conforming to social norms
-Likens himself to someone who thinks he is a panther, but is more like a domestic cat.
-Has the ability to look back on it all...and laugh
  -Does crazy things, once drove 300 miles to tell someone he had had a philosophical epiphany
-Questions life to such an extent, he feels the need to assess every thought, word and deed.
-Can easily become introverted, even shy.
-Often stays awake for about 40 hours writing his masterpieces
-Mind works so fast he can rarely speak in proper sentences and at an understandable tempo
-Becomes too obcessed with detail and often forgets the big picture
-Sometimes overcome with flashes of longing and regret
-Thinks too much

what will this personality stereotype achieve ...
  Will get his work published, popularised etc. and become a walking paradox,
then will disappear to India or Brazil and become a nomadic hermit and will finally reach enlightenment.
  Driven to insanity, will most likely commit suicide at around 25, bearing the claim that "he felt life with too much passion and intensity to live it", leaving behind a dusty apartment, hundreds of unfinished manuscripts and a handpainted Citreon.