Crazy-Religious Mom

author   mary-may

location   Southern States

age   30+

gender   female

description   good   bad

face, phisique, car, clothes, house ...
  perfect make up
always smiling
dress conservatively
  HAS to be perfect looking
smiling because she's better than you

society interaction
sex, love, marriage, parents, friends ...
  superficially happy marriage
obsessed with "hour of Power"
  is constantly in fear of being left by her husband, not because she loves him, because she could never face her neighbours
obsessed with "Hour Of Power"

job, hobby, sport, illegal ...
helping her kids with homework
community work
church work with heathens
  baking cookies that are better than yours
doing her kids homework for them, so they can be perfect too
community work to show off how much better she is than you
church work with "heathens"

motivation, temperament ...
  puts on a perfect exterior, pretends to be modest only to boost her popularity   masks her imperfect interior,
being better than her neighbours is VERY important to her
must set perfect example for poor hellbound heathens

what will this personality stereotype achieve ...
  lives a long life, sends kids to nice college or university   will never work a day in her life, will never experience anything outside of her neighbourhood and home.