Cute, Preppy girl

author   colz

location   -

age   13-18

gender   female

description   good   bad

face, phisique, car, clothes, house ...
  big pretty eyes, bright smile, laughs alot, average/upper class home, gorgeous hair, designer clothes   doesn't show real feelings.

society interaction
sex, love, marriage, parents, friends ...
  boyfriends from time to time, big crushes, random hook ups, "ehh" to "great" relationship with parents, a few amazing friends, a whole bunch of hang out/school friends. teachers love her, as do the elderly.   parents don't understand. ever. friends it seems like she's so popular, when only 3/4 people are TRULY there for her. people think she's so happy/picture perfect when she REALLy does thinks that aren't always so.

job, hobby, sport, illegal ...
  singing/dancing, mall/shopping, works at a clothing store (A&F, AE, Nordstrom..), works at ice cream shop (TCBY, Dairy Queen), talking online, phone, parties, watching movies/tv, ocassional drinking   1/2 the time she's home alone, worrying (Gasp, such a cute "happy" girl is worrying?!)

motivation, temperament ...
  doubts herself, always there for her friends, thinks endlessly about her future, somewhat superficial, mean when she wants to be, bubbly, loud, outgoing, caring..   hides her feelings behind a happy smile, from habit. worries about things SO far away. superficial =just stereotyping.

what will this personality stereotype achieve ...
  whatever she wants to acheive. perhaps working for a magazine, clothing designer, teacher, model, dancer/singer..

maybe she'll get married 30-35. she'll keep friends who she wants to keep, and make many more. she'll probably be hard working.
  many people may try to push her into a direction they want her to go in, from their stereotype of her (do they really know how sad she is sometimes?). she may end up working TOO hard because she tends to live for tomorrow. she will probably have a successful &happy life.