the real life tyler durden (fight club)

author   herr thono

location   in north-west europe (france, germany, belgium, holland, uk, norway...)

age   between 18-27

gender   male

description   good   bad

face, phisique, car, clothes, house ...
  is skinny,
his hair looks normal (spikey, shaved bald...) or extreme (short hair with small ponytail in the side of his hair, punker, figure shaved in it, messy, stripes shaved in it...)

he lives in a small apartement or with his parents in a basement or on on a room.
everything is a mess an is hung full of posters of communism , party's he went to , or just some propaganda(could be annything, from nazipropaganda to anti bush stuff...)

his clothes are a bit strange.
his shoes are worn off or are old, his pants are most of the time long jeans or militairy pants, his body wear could be annything. from an old sweater with a t-shirt over it, to a hawaian shirt, to a thick sweater with a hood.
he wears almost always a t-shirt wich is pretty small

he has a good phisique or is a bit boney but still is loany
  boney, skinney, a bit clumpsey

society interaction
sex, love, marriage, parents, friends ...
  it is not a problem to get a girl, but has short relations, he has few friends, and he carefully searches out his enemies .
  doesnt commit to annyone; exept people who are like him.
a even match of the mind;
he loves it to have enemies

job, hobby, sport, illegal ...
  most dont have a job, or do a job for a short period of time, others have a job and live two lifes: one of the employee and at night the one of the tyler durden (i say tyler durden -brad pitt from the movie fight club- because he looks the most on my character)

he has only one hobby: gloating and sadism

he likes the illigal atmosphere: he sprays grafity and does drugs(mostly softdrugs)

music means much to him.
he listens to techno or hardcore or alternative techno
  the drugs and the gloating

motivation, temperament ...
  his only motivation is chaos.
he wants total destruction of the world as we know of today, he wants man to live like before, when they had to hunt to eat.

his temperament differs. most of the time his is rude in a calm way.
he will practicly never shout or be furious, but he will fight if he has to.
  destructive feelings
(example: he smiles when a dog gets killed in trafic...)

what will this personality stereotype achieve ...
  he has three options:
either he will calm and turn into a friendly person ;


he will continue to live his life like this and eventually die at a young age of experimenting and living his life in a destructive way,


  he has a dark future in his way if he continues his life like that