author   Leanne

location   Massachusetts

age   15 to 30

gender   Female

description   good   bad

face, phisique, car, clothes, house ...
  Pretty, expensive black car that daddy bought for her, a nice big house with a gate at the front, expensive jewelry and trendy clothes.   Flat chested, skinny legs.

society interaction
sex, love, marriage, parents, friends ...
  Virginal, very bookish, always getting straight A's.   Virginal, very bookis, always getting straight A's.

job, hobby, sport, illegal ...
  Studying   Studying

motivation, temperament ...
  Quiet, shy   A pushover, boring

what will this personality stereotype achieve ...
  Great career and lots of money   Not many guys will be interested in her because of her shyishness being percieved as snobbishness.