my typical girlfriends

author   Papaiosif Emmanuel

location   All over the globe

age   14-50

gender   female

description   good   bad

face, phisique, car, clothes, house ...
  almost tall, almost slim, almost perfect but never too good to be true since flaws make us all perfect. converible car or jeep, fashion freak, recently took up gym and prefers to live with her parents.   trying to reach the good prototype by all means. never eats in public though when she gets back home she picks up the phone and orders 12 pounds of food. fashion freak as well as long as her physical appearence allows.

society interaction
sex, love, marriage, parents, friends ...
  too much sex is a bad habit, loves pets more than humans, has 5000 friends all over the world. would like to get married if all the necessary standards are reached. always get along with parents since they are the only ones who put up with her extreme behaviour.   too much sex is a sign of good health and an advantage to the ones that offer it and receive it. always with the lights off though. may discuss for hours on how she will name her children but never speak for marriage! has one friend and 100000 people that she knows though doesnot repsect. loves parents since they love her as well.

job, hobby, sport, illegal ...
  model, secretary, daughter of a rich dad, ex-wife of a rich man or executive. art, cinema are very trendy hobbies. favourite sport is horse riding though she has never come close to a horse. the most illegal thing she is involved in is a speeding ticket.   sales person, bar woman, aerobics teacher now that she lost weight, tour guide clerk in general. takes kick-boxing classes and spends hours window shopping trying to identify what her fashion style would fit her best. has smoked weid, kiled her goldfish when she left for her summer vacations

motivation, temperament ...
  trying to be: a role model, a top model, genious, attractive, good driver, good listener, good wife and sex partner,F1 fan, good mother. trying not to be anything would hurt her image in general.   swears like a man. swears worse than a man. drives like a man, calls pretty women she knows names, cheats, trying to disaggree with everything, when she grows up knows that will be a good stereotype.

what will this personality stereotype achieve ...
  good mariage 2 children with University degrees, rolex watch, summer vacations in exotic places, face lifting, be a member of the pet global organazation, learn how to drive, exririence orgasm in her 1 an only 1 illegal affair with her yoga teacher.   some day will be able to sit on the some table with women that follow sterotype 1.till than they all are bitches.will vote what her husband votes, cherish her children, have a motobike license, her only discussion will be positive and negative energy. will resort to brest implants in order to prevent her husbant from cheating.