author   Panos

location   Athens, Greece

age   35

gender   Male

description   good   bad

face, phisique, car, clothes, house ...
Coupé car or Jeep(father's gift). Stylish hair, sun glasses, jeans or leather clothes.
Owns a 120 m house (thanks to his parents) in the northern or southeast suburbs of Athens
  Brown hair, 175cm,
Some beer belly, jeans,
Smoking stuff occasionally, Western suburbs,
Motorbike to avoid traffic jams, Rents a 70sqm apptmt w/girlfriend.

society interaction
sex, love, marriage, parents, friends ...
  Changing girldfriend every 4-5 months.
Not planning to get married before he 's 40.
Goes out 3 times p/week to clubs
Respects parents. Has one sister studying abroad.
Plans to buy a sailing boat for more fun.
Friends with same money.
  Sex on the beach for some change.
Parents live nearby or same building.
Cooks only spaghetti & eggs.
Orders souvlaki - pizza - when he doesn't like mom's food brought to him in a tapper.
Folk music, lots of beers, basketball.
Says loves his girlfriend & plans to get married in the near future....
Friends come over often & get drunk.
His girlfriend freaks out & breaks up or shuts up.

job, hobby, sport, illegal ...
  University degree.
Managerial job - allowing him to travel abroad.
Parties, beach parties, boat parties, parties in parent's 2nd house on the island.
Drinks vodka (whiskey is not in fashion anymore).
Stopped smoking recently.
Some coke occasionally.
  His girlfriend works more than him.
He starts working overtime but the job still does't pay the bills.
Still gets pocket money from parents.
2 years ago he went sporting (basketball) w/dudes....but he swims every summer!!

motivation, temperament ...
  Motivated to party, not to work.
Likes businness & arts.
Nasty stories from last trip to SE Asia.
Still likes watching Tom & Jerry & listens to unpredictable/ alternative music.
  Swears the politicians, the media, the job market, his boss, his situation, his girlfriend..
Looses his job.
Finds a 2nd girlfriend.
Smokes Camel or Marlboro.
Plans to work in a bar in the summer.

what will this personality stereotype achieve ...
  1 gorgeous tall blonde wife w/ same money.
2 more houses (abroad ex. France, Italy, Austria or in an exotic place)
Businness in Eastern Europe
Heart attack in the early 70s.
  Divorced w/ child. Cannot pay any alimony.
Buys a house & gets married w/ a russian girlfriend at his 40s.
Weekends on the islands. cancer.