pseudo mentor

author   jo

location   small cities (read large country towns)

age   25

gender   F

description   good   bad

face, phisique, car, clothes, house ...
  Striking. Statuesque. Sparky. Knock-out mid shot, slightly out of focus up close
Wears clothes that suit her body.
  looks tired.
minimal make-up.
A couple of hard-core scars - hidden.

society interaction
sex, love, marriage, parents, friends ...
  is able to understand anyone completely within five minutes of meeting them. Has 'unique' relationship with everybody. Long term relationship with soulmate whilst fantasising about male 'friends'.   cannot entertain herself. Needs constant 'connection' with others.
Will lose herself in a mirror

job, hobby, sport, illegal ...
  probably on the way to becoming an academic.
Social worker/drug addict on the weekend.
LOVES reading and just, you know, thinking about stuff.
  refuses to eat in order to maintain trim physique.
Watches too much trashy TV and blames it on pop-culture analysis.
Buffy addict.

motivation, temperament ...
  life is not a dress rehearsal. Believes herself to be the less egotistical reincarnation of Jesus. Agnostic.   Expects too much from her friends. Is disappointed when people do not recognise her as the New Messiah.

what will this personality stereotype achieve ...
  Moderate success in a extremely specialised, slightly obscure field. Fame in a small pond.   constantly comparing herself to other moderatley successful people in a similarly extremely specialised, slightly obsucre field. Fame in a small pond